Summer Bucket List Ideas (For young and old)

It’s getting to be that time of year again were most parents will be hearing I am board a lot more. So here are some ideas that will help with that little problem!

1. Go to the pool. If you do not have a town pool of a pool of your own buy a slip in slide of other fun water thing.

2. Start a small businesses such as pet watching, Babysitting, lawn care, or cleaning.

3. Sit outside with a pop-sickle and relax.

4. Get a pet of your own or a family pet. It will teach responsibility plus give you something to do.

5. Grow a plant or garden. If you grow a fruit or vegetable plant it is rewarding plus fun.

6. Build a fort.

7. Make homemade Ice Pops.

8. Have a summer party. Make summer desserts and beverages, and invite family and friends.

9. Why not go camping.

10. Pick some flowers.

Comment is the section below of witch one is your favorite.

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