Rating the Quarterbacks



Tier One: The King

1) Peyton Manning, Denver: There’s still only one spot in the top category and it’s going to stay like this until something gives.

Tier Two: The Elite

2) Tom Brady, New England: Brady has been to five Super Bowls and seven AFC Championship Games. And the weird thing is that it doesn’t matter who lines up around him, he’s going to win.

3) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: Rodgers took a shot last year and it probably cost the Packers a shot at a higher seed. This just goes to show how valuable he is for the franchise.

4) Drew Brees, New Orleans: Brees is another one of those guys who can play regardless who lines up around him. He’s starting to age but he’s another one of those who can play until he leaves on his own terms.

5) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis: Luck leads the rest…

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Summer Bucket List Ideas (For young and old)

It’s getting to be that time of year again were most parents will be hearing I am board a lot more. So here are some ideas that will help with that little problem!

1. Go to the pool. If you do not have a town pool of a pool of your own buy a slip in slide of other fun water thing.

2. Start a small businesses such as pet watching, Babysitting, lawn care, or cleaning.

3. Sit outside with a pop-sickle and relax.

4. Get a pet of your own or a family pet. It will teach responsibility plus give you something to do.

5. Grow a plant or garden. If you grow a fruit or vegetable plant it is rewarding plus fun.

6. Build a fort.

7. Make homemade Ice Pops.

8. Have a summer party. Make summer desserts and beverages, and invite family and friends.

9. Why not go camping.

10. Pick some flowers.

Comment is the section below of witch one is your favorite.

Fairy Tale (as was asked for)

Once upon a time there was a little princes whose name was Clarice and she had a brother named Jonathan. Clarice had everything she ever wanted or needed, her and her family were very close, but she still felt something was missing, but she didn’t know what. One day she was heading to school when she tripped on a tree root and twisted her ankle luckily her friend Isabella was with her and she got help. Later that day she went to the doctor and found out she had merely twisted her ankle and would only have to go to rehab for a week or two. On her first day of rehab she met a little girl named Kiana she was in a wheelchair but she said she was born that way, over time Kiana and Clarice became good friends and Clarice noticed something about Kiana, she was always joyful. One day Clarice asked Kiana ” Why are you always happy,” ” Jesus says that nothing can stop him from loving us, and we should always be joyful and do the same for others,” ” So who is Jesus?” said Clarice ” He is the one who died on the cross for our sins” explained Kiana ” Can you help me ask him in my heart too,” asked Clarice ” Of course I can repeat after me, Dear Jesus, I pray that you will forgive all of my sins and live in my heart and make me clean again and help me to try not to sin as much, Amen,” “Thanks I feel happier all ready,” said Clarice ” Thank you, so much.”