5 April Fools Pranks

(1) Go in someones Underwear drawer and Safety Pin all their underwear together

(2) Set all the clocks forward an hour (or two)

(3) Put a piece of tape or a piece of a sticky note on the mouse of the TV remote.

(4) Freeze a bowl of cereal overnight and then in the morning put a fresh layer of milk on top and give it to someone.

(5) Take a diaper and put melted chocolate and put it on the table. (ha ha ha!)


Me and Mommy in the Kitchen: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwitch

What You’ll Need:
2 Pieces of bread
Half of a Banana
Peanut Butter

How To Make It:

Start by spreading the peanut butter evenly around the two pieces of bread. Then slice the banana into medium thin slices, and add to the bread (if you have extra banana eat it). Now drizzle honey on top of the bananas and add a pinch of cinnamon. Close up the sandwich and eat it.
You could also add chocolate chips if you want.

10 Rainy Day Activitys

1. Play Hide and Seek

2. Do a Craft

3. Make up jokes

4. Put on a talent show

5. Watch a movie and then try to reenact it

6. Pull a prank on someone

7. Play a board game

8. Make up a song

9. Make a car track by drawing on paper and using a matchbox car

10. Draw your dream house

Bible Story : David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17

Once back in bible times the Philistines were fighting the Israelites,at the Philistines camp was a ten foot tall giant named Goliath. At the Israelites camp there was a boy named David. Everyone at the Israelites camp was scared to fight the ten foot giant (obviously) but then David said that he would go and fight Goliath, so his dad put all his armor on but David did not want it. So he went to the stream and gathered three stones and his sling and went to fight Goliath but David was not scared because he knew that God was on his side. As David stood in front of Goliath all Goliath did was laugh and mock him. Just then David put a stone in his sling a slung it at Goliath, and it hit him right in the forehead and down came Goliath.God helped David kill Goliath for the good of his people.

My Greeting

My parents and grandma talk about how they entertained themselves back in the day . . Using what they had for fun . . Repurposing . . That’s what we’ll see on this blog . . How you can have fun making crafts with common things in the house . . Activities and games that are easy and fun!